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My Way Scentations Owner

Meet The Owner


Owner of My Way Scentations

I have always had an interest in pleasant-smelling fragrances and felt strongly about using products that were environment-friendly. In undergrad, I remember often reflecting on different ways to relax and relieve stress from the daily tasks of life. I began researching how to create non-toxic room sprays and during this process, I noticed how much joy and peace it brought me. This hobby became something that I was passionate about and increased my sense of my well-being. My grandmother, my number one fan, is the motivation behind the business. All along she supported my efforts to get me where I am today.  In honor of Mary Irene, I have taken my passion and given it even deeper meaning. A signature fragrance was created in her honor called Mary Blossom. She is no longer with me due to her battle with colon cancer, but may I forever cherish all she has done for me. 



“YALL!! I sprayed the cranberry apple marmalade on my furnace filter....whole house smelling delicious!"


"My son accidentally put a bag of trash in my car and it had raw chicken in the bad. It was in car for an entire week. Let's just say my hubby said try spraying this in your car. Listen the scent he gave me, killed the smell."


“I spray one in my bedroom, left for a few minutes. As I was going back to my room, the smell had seeped out into the living room."

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